Employer Brand & Referral Activation Platform

A unique, campaign led approach to employer brand and employee referrals that’s highly engaging; produces rapid results and is easily scalable.

Begin every recruitment drive with a campaign

Campaigns are platform based, highly engaging employer brand and referral competitions which are scalable across the business.

Rapid, repeatable hiring solution

Repeatable & scalable campaigns that use gamification to engage employees to refer and share jobs and content across their social networks.

Scheduled job & content sharing

Easily select specific jobs and content so your employees are focussed on areas where you need support.

Automated referral matches

The Real Links platform matches employee connections to jobs to automatically uncover referrals they didn't realise they had.

Gamified & fun experience for employees

Live leaderboards, raffles, reward shops, confetti and prizes makes referral jam campaigns interactive and engaging for employees.

Campaign builder

Admins can easily automate campaigns for different TA objectives aligned with their recruitment strategy.

Global rewards shop

A global reward shop can give employees optionality and make administering rewards simple and easy.

Real Links campaigns solve traditional problems

Traditional approaches to referral and advocacy simply don’t work.  Here’s how Real Links makes the difference.

The alway's on approach doesn't work

Keeping employees engaged year round with referrals and advocacy doesn’t work.  Over time employees lose interest or focus shifts to higher priority projects. 


With the campaign approach, relevant employees are asked to engage with a specific set of jobs and content for a time limited period, maximising engagement and driving effective results. 

Jobs aren't relevant to employee networks

Traditionally employees are being asked to refer for open roles that aren’t relevant to the sort of networks they have in place. 



With the campaign approach, employees are selected to refer candidates and share content based on the relevance of the open roles to the network they own, optimising results. 

Internal comms aren't used effectively

One of the critical success factors for employee engagement with referrals and advocacy are the communication channels.  Traditionally internal comms aren’t tailored to the channels employees use. 


Real Links campaigns provide a range of communication channels including Slack; Microsoft Teams; WhatsApp; Facebook Messenger and traditional channels like email, so you can tailor your campaign comms to meet the needs of the specific employee group.

Referral Communication

Traditional rewards don't motivate

Traditionally employees are financially rewarded at the end of a referral process. The disconnect between action and reward is too wide, and the assumption that financial gain is the biggest motivator for every employee is untrue. 


Real Links campaigns use live employee competitions, collective charity goals, leaderboards, raffles and reward shops to reward activity and maximise engagement.

From household names to niche players, we're trusted with talent.

We were more reliant on agency recruitment than we’d like. We needed a platform to help us engage employees with referrals. Within the first 12 weeks of using Real Links, we’d already seen more referrals hires than the entirety of the previous year which is astronomical.

Social platform integration

Other platform features


The platform has built in white-label communications for email; Slack; Microsoft Teams; WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 


Keep employees up to date on new matches; referred candidate status; new rewards and leaderboard updates without having to lift a finger.

Referral Communication

Available on mobile or desktop

The platform works seamlessly for desk based employees and employees on the move so every employee can participate with ease.

Detailed analytics dashboards

Employees and HR have access to detailed analytics dashboards. HR get an immediate snapshot of referrals across the business; new matches for roles and detailed D&I data.

Updates to Referrals

Employees and recruiters are updated on the status of referrals on the platform and through notifications. This addresses one of the key reasons employee engagement drops off, that there’s not enough transparency and referrals end up in a black hole.

Full ATS integration

Real Links Internal Mobility

Take a look at the Real Links internal mobility platform.

Built in partnership with leading HR and Talent Professionals, it’s uniquely fit for purpose.

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