The top rated hospitality employers globally

When it comes to employee referrals and internal mobility, strong employer brand and high levels  of employee satisfaction are critical to the success of those programs, and in turn the attraction and retention of the best talent. 


At Real Links, we like to keep an eye on the top employers across different sectors as they will tend to benefit most from employee referral and internal mobility programs.  Those businesses with high ‘recommend to a friend’ scores have a particularly brilliant opportunity when it comes to employee referrals. 


This month we’re focusing on the hospitality industry which has globally suffered due to the pandemic, but as the world begins to open up again, hiring needs in these businesses will start to accelerate so now would be a great time for hospitality businesses to consider how to support their longer term recruitment strategy. Those with a strong employer brand will be best placed to take advantage of a increasingly buoyant talent marketplace.

To support this, we’ve pulled together a list of the top hotel and resort employers globally.  According to data, there are 95 hotel and resort employers globally with a score of 4 out of 5 or above which means employees of those companies have rated themselves ‘very satisfied’ with their employer and most of those have a ‘recommend to a friend’ score of 80% and above.  Brands that embrace this information and use it to hire and retain the best talent will come out on top. 


So without further ado here’s a rundown of the top 95 hospitality employers globally. 

List of top 95 hospitality employers globally based on rating and recommend a friend score.  Click the link to visit each site for more details. 

Employers with strong brands and high levels of employee engagement have a great opportunity to make employee referrals and internal mobility a critical part of their recruitment strategy.  Real Links is a technology provider dedicated to helping talent professionals get referrals and internal mobility right so if talent is top of your agenda, don’t forget to talk to us – just book a demo below. 

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