How Real Links' Slack Automation Amplified Employer Brand Advocacy

With 2.2x More Content Views than Paid Channels & 4x Increased Visits to the Careers Centre!

“Our employer brand has soared with Real Links! Our referral rates skyrocketed. The seamless integration into our daily tools like Slack and engaging gamification have made participation natural and enjoyable.”
Yasar Ahmed, VP Talent, Mobility and Rewards @ HelloFresh

Challenge & objectives

HelloFresh has built a team of people that are a reflection of the brand’s personality: optimistic, empathetic, intuitive, forward-thinking and inspiring. HelloFresh needed help from Real Links to scale the impact of these highly engaged ambassadors, without asking them to access more new technology – engaging them directly in the slipstream of tech they use day to day. In this case, Slack.


  • Rapidly scale the impact of these ambassadors on the HelloFresh employer brand across their global teams.  
  • Engage employees within channels they were already using to minimise friction using Real Links’ integration with Slack and Teams
  • Maximise the reach and impact of employer brand content
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Hear from HelloFresh

“What Real Links offer is really unique. They understood what we were trying to achieve and they shaped their solution to exactly meet our needs.”


HelloFresh ran their first Real Links advocacy campaign, called Unlocking Opportunities. The solution was focused in two areas – recruiter enablement and maximising employee engagement with employer brand content.

  • 90 employee ambassadors were encouraged to share 8 pieces of pre-planned content that supported the HelloFresh employer brand message.
  • Gamification played a key role, where employees were incentivised to take actions with the offer of a weekend away  
  • Using the Real Links Slack integration we entered the slipstream of employee’s day to day technology with 87.7% of employees never actually entering the Real Links platform, executing all actions directly out of Slack (we have the exact same functionality in Teams)
  • Recruiter enablement was achieved by arming the recruiters with the automated campaign set up and comms planning, making the campaign simple to execute in a few easy steps.




Before using Real Links HelloFresh had a strong employee ambassador group and advocacy strategy. What we didn't have was the ability to scale advocacy globally at speed. Real Links' campaign approach has enabled us to scale our advocacy efforts quickly whilst simultaneously building efficiencies which has given so much time back to our recruiters.


5000 unique content views

Within just 2 weeks of running the campaign HelloFresh achieved almost 5000 unique views of the content employees were sharing.

2.2x content views using Real Links vs. paid channels

Because HelloFresh is a globally recognised brand, visitor numbers are already high - but with Real Links the traffic was extraordinary. They achieved 2.2x more visits when compared to paid channels, demonstrating significant ROI.

4x Increased Visits to the Careers Centre!

During the campaign period, we saw a 4x increase in visits to our Careers Centre & HelloFresh Culture pages, both are really important to HelloFresh so this uplift was amazing!

Slack integration was game-changing

HelloFresh aren't alone. For many of our clients Slack is the primary communication channel for employees. The Real Links integration allows you to schedule native comms within Slack - engaging employees in the slipstream of their day to day work, solving the employee engagement dilemma. We have exactly the same functionality if your companies uses Teams.

Employees LOVE it

The employer brand team at HelloFresh received lots of positive feedback from employees who said the platform has enabled them to become better ambassadors; is very easy to use and slots easily into their day to day activity.

Save time. Scale efficiently.

Real Links campaigns enable the advocacy process to be almost completely automated. This saved the employer brand team significant time by planning and scheduling comms in advance - and it saves the employee time by providing the opportunity to share advocacy content directly from Slack in seconds.

Human connection optimised engagement

Because communication was scheduled via Slack, directly from the brand team this offered employees a truly human connection throughout the campaign, making them much more inclined to participate.

Competition captured the attention of employees

We created competitions to encourage ambassadors to maximise engagement with the platform in return for points and prizes. This has become central to the success and ongoing engagement with the advocacy programme.

Bonus job applications

Although we weren't expecting job applications and we weren't directing candidates to jobs from this content, we saw 37 job applications from this short Real Links campaign, a great bonus for HelloFresh.

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