Real Links internal
mobility software

Develop and retain your best internal talent

Widen talent pool for open roles

As well as widening the net for your open roles to internal talent, identifying key skills in house can help accelerate the hiring process and reduce external recruitment spend.

Increase innovation and productivity

People who move around the company gain perspective, cultural insights, and can perform in innovative and productive ways due to a continued focus on flexibility and personal development.

Increase employee retention and satisfaction

A learning and development focused culture improves overall employee satisfaction. Talent mobility helps develop future leaders by supporting high-potential performers, improving the retention of your best talent.

Support mobility from diverse communities

Internal mobility supports diverse candidates by providing a level playing field for development based on skills identification, not personal attributes.

Working with Real Links has allowed us to shape our thinking around what we as a business need from an internal mobility tool.
We’ve been able to feed that back to Real Links and they’ve customised certain aspects of the platform to meet those needs which has been fantastic.

From household names to niche players, we're trusted with talent.

Popular features

Identify skills in your current workforce

Enable employees to promote all of their skills and experience across the organisation, enabling you to identify and keep track of skills you didn’t know you had in-house. Employees can also set out their interests and what skills they’d like to develop to help them move internally.

Match people with jobs

Automatically recommend roles that might be of interest to current employees by auto matching employee skills to live vacancies

Match people with projects

Automatically recommend projects to people who have the right skills and experience to excel. The matching process ensures projects are recommended that will allow employees to develop skills that are of particular interest to them.


Use the platform to facilitate your own mentor programme. Providing people the tools to find mentors to help them develop specific skills and give employees the opportunity to apply to mentor others.

Create Internal Talent Pools

HR are able to review internal talent pools of employees who have been matched to jobs & projects. They can reach out to invite them to apply for internal opportunities which has a positive impact on internal moves.

Social platform integration


The platform has built in, white-label communications for email, social channels and instant messenger. Keep employees up to date on new matches; referred candidate status; new rewards and leaderboard updates without having to lift a finger.

Available on mobile or desktop

The platform works seamlessly for desk based employees and employees on the move so every employee can participate with ease.

Detailed analytics dashboards

Employees and HR have access to detailed analytics dashboards. HR get an immediate snapshot of internal mobility across the business.

Full ATS integration

It's simple to get started

Real Links technology is quick to implement, fully automated and simple to navigate.

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