Rewarding Referrals

Strategies & Insights to Increase Employee Participation & Longevity

We surveyed 100 people working in different industries and geographic locations as well as collaborated with Bill Boorman to better understand the landscape and shortcomings of referrals today. 

Read our new paper to learn how you can create a referral strategy that features tailored rewarding systems, which allows you to transform referrals into a key source of hires. 

topics Covered

Rewarding Systems

Learn how to use recognition and investigate different types of rewarding to increase employee participation in referrals.

referral comms

Understand how to communicate referrals to your employees in a way that helps you source more candidates for your recruitment pipeline.

Process & Gamification

Create a referral process that features gamification and is tailored to your employees.

readers say

“Real Links’ “Rewarding Referrals” is a must-read paper that reimagines the referral process, allowing employees to be empowered, recognised and rewarded for the connections they have, as well as those they refer. Following the advice of this study, organisations can make highly impactful adjustments to the mindset around referrals and connect with known talent.”

Clair Bush, Founder of aMBush

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Turn referrals into a key source of hires by learning how to increase employee participation and longevity of referrals.

about Bill Boorman

A referrals expert with over 20 years experience, Bill works with a number of organisations to help them transform referrals into a key source of hires by creating processes that feature rewarding systems to increase employee participation and longevity of referrals. 

He’s collaborated with us in this paper by providing his experience and practical insights in referrals.

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Hiring Great Tech Talent Fast

See how one tech business filled all their hard to fill tech roles with referrals;


Learn how referrals can work really well for specialist hiring;


Understand what motivates tech teams to engage with referrals.

The Psychology of Referrals

Learn the 3 psychological models that will influence success


Understand your employee’s behaviour and how to influence it;


Use this insight to generate long term participation with your referral scheme.

Rewarding Referrals

Based on research with over 100 businesses;


Learn how to increase employee participation with referrals;


Loads of new reward ideas you can implement into your business.