infinitely increase your tech talent pool

Hire top tech talent by unleashing your employee referrals

within 6 weeks of using real links with just 100 of their employees, a tech client achieved

automate your employee referrals

Automatically match your employees’ networks to your jobs

Employees’ GitHub & LinkedIn connections are enriched and matched to jobs

Employees are notified when matches are made and can be rewarded

Referrals are made by employees, and jobs can be filled faster

within 4 weeks of using real links, a fintech client achieved

rewarding referrals

Download our latest research full of strategies & insights to increase employee participation and engagement.

rewarding systems

Learn how to use recognition and investigate different types of rewarding to increase employee participation in referrals.

referral comms

Understand how to communicate referrals to your employees in a way that helps you source more candidates for your recruitment pipeline

process & gamification

Create a referral process that features gamification and is tailored to your employees.


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Hiring Great Tech Talent Fast

See how one tech business filled all their hard to fill tech roles with referrals;


Learn how referrals can work really well for specialist hiring;


Understand what motivates tech teams to engage with referrals.

The Psychology of Referrals

Learn the 3 psychological models that will influence success


Understand your employee’s behaviour and how to influence it;


Use this insight to generate long term participation with your referral scheme.

Rewarding Referrals

Based on research with over 100 businesses;


Learn how to increase employee participation with referrals;


Loads of new reward ideas you can implement into your business.