What Makes Us Special

Our values are always at the core of how our company operates and we believe that feeds our success

Cherish Customers

Our purpose is to transform our customers’ recruitment processes to make their hiring easier and smarter.

Listen & Learn

To deliver for our clients, we really listen to their feedback and what they want. We are driven by customer feedback and use it to deliver an amazing product.

Feed Innovation

Without innovation, there is no progress. We love innovation and building for tomorrow, today.

Our Leadership Team

Sam Davies


Sam is CEO and co-founder of Real Links. Following a spell in recruitment, Sam qualified as a corporate solicitor at BCLP, moving on to White & Case where he managed large teams on deals for global corporations. The idea for Real Links was in fact born when Sam was referred to White & Case. He realised how beneficial the referral process is for candidates and discovered that companies across the board actively wanted to increase employee referrals.

Sam got together with his close school friend and now co-founder, Dan, to start Real Links with the belief that the recruitment industry, in particular the reliance and expenditure on recruitment consultancies, needed to be disrupted. It is their vision that Real Links will become an integral part of the HR tech revolution!

Dan Krijgsman


Dan is COO and co-founder of Real Links and leads on the product side of the business, having spent 6 years developing and managing business intelligence and insights software for FTSE companies, governments and their investors. He’s got comprehensive experience delivering great tools and insights to a demanding clientele.

Prior that Dan worked full time producing events, club nights and as well as launching a couple of successful bars in Manchester. During that time he saw first hand how within a matter of months the boom in social media and the launch of Facebook revolutionised event promotion almost overnight and instead of standing on cold street corners thrusting flyers into people’s hands, word about the right event could hit the right people without spending a penny.

When Sam mentioned the idea for Real Links, and using the power of the employee and alumni network to revolutionise company hiring, it made perfect sense.  Dan’s belief is that so far most of the benefits of the boom in digital social networks have gone to recruitment consultants, yet it is the employers and their employees who actually hold all the cards and so Real Links sets out to finally unleash this potential.

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