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Our technology helps talent professionals drive long term engagement and astronomical results from employee referrals and internal mobility.

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Choose a standalone employee referrals or internal mobility solution, or use together – all from a single platform.

Employee referrals

An employee referral platform that’s easy to use and rewarding for employees; a powerful sourcing tool for talent professionals and turns employees into brand advocates.

Internal mobility

Tech that mobilises your current workforce towards new positions; projects; mentorships; job swaps and shadowing opportunities. Helping you develop and retain the best talent.

Referrals & Mobility

An employee referral platform that’s easy to use and rewarding for employees, combined with a powerful internal mobility tool that supports talent development and retention – all in one platform. 

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Real Links technology is quick to implement, fully automated and simple to navigate.

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Hiring Great Tech Talent Fast

See how one tech business filled all their hard to fill tech roles with referrals;


Learn how referrals can work really well for specialist hiring;


Understand what motivates tech teams to engage with referrals.

The Psychology of Referrals

Learn the 3 psychological models that will influence success


Understand your employee’s behaviour and how to influence it;


Use this insight to generate long term participation with your referral scheme.

Rewarding Referrals

Based on research with over 100 businesses;


Learn how to increase employee participation with referrals;


Loads of new reward ideas you can implement into your business.