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Recruitment is
Unless you trust your talent. It's called employee referrals. It's what we do.

Recruitment is challenging. Unless you trust your talent. It’s called employee referrals. It’s what we do. 

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automate your employee referrals

Our platform automatically matches employees’ connections to your open positions and then notifies HR teams and employees of potential candidates to refer. 

Employees sync connections with the platform

Connections are matched to jobs 

Referrals are made with the click of a button

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access large talent pools of passive candidates

There’s more to referrals than recommendations. They’re about tapping into your employees‘ networks to find the perfect talent for your company.

  • Access large talent pools of hard to reach candidates.
  • Increase employee retention by 39%.
  • Candidates that are 55% faster to hire.
  • Cut costs of recruitment by 3 to 4x.

Real Links have provided us with an innovative and engaging platform that is simple to use. It enables us to offer a modern referral scheme that has the flexibility to continually develop. 

They have been great to work with, the implementation has been really easy and their ongoing service is fab!

mobilise your employees with rewards that matter

Different people are motivated by different things. Successful referrals start with understanding your employees. Because engaged employees refer the best candidates.

  • Focus groups to understand employee motivation.
  • Customisable gamification based on employee insights.
  • Tailored rewards, raffles, leaderboards and more.
  • Full visibility on referrals for your employees.
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supporting diversity

eliminating bias from the application process

We’re working towards a dream where bias isn’t a part of recruitment. We’re doing this by anonymising candidate data such as names, age, gender and ethnicity for HR teams in our platform. We use AI generated avatars instead of real pictures. Our goal is that recruitment focuses purely on a candidate’s experience and skill-sets. Where bias is a thing of the past. 

designed for Results

Successful referrals need to be flexible. No two companies have the same needs. That’s why we tailor our platform and our projects to our clients’ specific needs.

  • Your own dedicated referral expert.
  • 2 week implementation with integration into your ATS/CRM.
  • Optimise referrals through analytics.
  • A fully white-labeled platform.

provide a fantastic candidate experience

You’re applying for your dream job. You’re excited. You hit apply. You’re confronted with a 10 page application process. Your excitement turns into frustration. You think it’s too much effort, you’ll do it later. 

Does your company suffer from high candidate dropout rates? Give your candidates the experience they deserve. 

  • Fast track apply for referred candidates.
  • Context from your employees on their referrals.
  • Dedicated job landing pages for candidates.

Full ATS/CRM Integration

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