Rocket Fuel Your Employee Referrals

Rocket Fuel Your Employee Referrals

We Help Companies Maximise Hiring Via Employee Referrals

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Why Employee Referrals?

Employee referrals result in hiring better candidates in quicker time and at less cost – we can help you get more of them!


Referrals are the #1 source of high quality hires


Referral candidates are 3-4 times more likely to be hired than non-referral candidates


Retention rate is 39% better for referral candidates than those from other channels

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How it Works

Real Links provides whitelabelled tools that ensure your employees engage with your referral scheme – and stay engaged over the long term

Recommendation Engine

Syncs with employees’ connections (i.e. on LinkedIn, Facebook & email), matches them to jobs and makes automated referral recommendations to HR and employees.

Referral Requests

HR teams can search the referral talent pool and send employees referral requests for great candidates.


We motivate employees to perform the actions that lead to successful hires through leaderboards and other incentives

Easy Sharing

Employees can refer quickly and simply using our easy sharing features.

Seamless Integration

White-labelled to company branding and integrates with applicant tracking systems to provide a seamless hiring process.


Analytics dashboard for HR to provide clear visibility on the key metrics such as referrals, applications and hires.

How it Works

Ready For More Referral Hires?

How it works


Real Links enables HR teams to save money on recruitment and hire better candidates by leveraging their employees’ networks for hiring


Your own portal that matches your company branding

ATS Integrated

Integrated with your favourite applicant tracking system

Mobile Friendly

Phone compatible so employees can participate on the move

Security As Standard

Built for the enterprise with security in mind


Everything you need to monitor how your referral program is going


Employee referral experts on hand to maximise success

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