Reimagining Referrals & Employer Brand Advocacy

Employer Brand & Referral Activation Platform

A unique, campaign led approach to employer brand advocacy and employee referrals that’s highly engaging; produces rapid results and is easily scalable.


Changing the game for employer brand advocacy and referrals with campaigns

Reimagine referrals & advocacy with campaigns

Employer brand advocacy is critical for recruiting and retaining the best talent into your business.  And employee referrals remain one of the most successful strategies to hire great talent, but not if you run them the traditional way.

For advocacy and referral tech that meets your strategic talent acquisition goals, you need Real Links Campaigns.

Tech Hiring

Tech Hiring

Hard to fill tech roles become a thing of the past with campaigns. Run a time limited high impact campaign with your tech team, rapidly driving referral hires and maximising the reach of your employer brand content to passive candidates.

Hiring drives across the business

Hiring drives across the business

Real Links enables you to run short, medium or long term campaigns across all areas of your business that massively increase the percentage of hires via referrals. Use campaigns to drive energy directly into your highest priority hiring objectives.

EDI Hiring

EDI hiring

Fast track your EDI objectives by running dedicated campaigns that focus on meeting EDI goals. We're working directly with employee resource groups like Women in Rail; LGBTQIA+; Mental Health Advocacy; Neurodiversity and many more across public and private sector businesses to help support hiring and employer brand messaging across specific areas.

New joiners

New joiners

Employee engagement is often at it highest when a new joiner starts. You can use campaigns as part of a new joiner onboarding program to spread your employer brand message across new networks, and drive new referral candidates for open roles.

Employer brand

Employer brand

We partner with a range of employer brand agencies like Creed Communications and TMP Worldwide to maximise the impact of employer brand messaging through the use of campaigns. Employees are incentivised to share employer brand content across their networks, reinforcing your message and building brand advocacy with new audiences.

Early careers

Early careers

We're working with a range of clients, including Big 4 accountancy firms to run campaigns with interns; University ambassadors and apprentices, getting those individuals to share content and jobs across their networks to attract the best graduate talent and reinforcing your employer brand message to future talent.



Alumni groups are a fantastic way to open the door to referral hires and new networks. As your alumni go onto grow their networks across other areas, you can incentivise them to share open roles and employer brand content across those networks, giving you access to an entirely new talent pool.

Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns

More and more companies are using Real Links campaigns to expand the reach of their corporate messaging, as well as their employer brand messaging. Reward employees for sharing marketing content across their networks, and exponentially increase the reach of your brand awareness.

Award winning technology that gets results fast

TA Teams

Quick, simple set up for TA teams

For TA teams, campaigns can be built using our pre-existing templates to save time, or start from scratch for a bespoke campaign. We run hundreds of campaigns with our clients, so we provide you with campaign templates designed with the goal in mind. Whether that’s DEI; contingent worker; alumni campaigns or early careers, your team can set up a tailored campaign in minutes.

Schedule posts, review matches and share across social networks

Employees can schedule posts to be released at a later date, maintaining activity and engagement even when they’re not in the platform. Auto-matching technology matches people from their network with open roles in the business, all they have to do is share directly with the individual or promote roles across a broad range of social networks.

Social Sharing
Reward shop gamification

A gamified and fun experience for employees

Live leaderboards, raffles, rewards shops, confetti and prizes makes every campaign interactive and engaging – optimising employee engagement to between 70-90%. At the touch of a button, employees can see the status of their referrals, their leaderboard position and their rewards. 

Use directly in Slack, Teams, email or mobile app

Employees don’t need complex training or direct access to the Real Links platform to participate. Real Links enters the slip stream of the employee’s day to day to technology whether that’s Slack, Teams or Email. Employees can share a role; refer a candidate or share company content at the click of a button, directly from the tech platform they are already using, maximising engagement.  For desk-less workers, we have a dedicated mobile app so employees can easily participate wherever they are.

Slack and Teams

Award winning case study

The Firm Awards 2023 WINNER RGB Online
Winner Best Employee Referral Program 2022

Referral hire increase in 6 months



Cost Saving

£19,122 vs. £123,000

5 Steps to activate a campaign using the Real Links platform


Automatically add jobs from your ATS



Select supporting content from career site or URL


Select gamification - choose from leaderboard, raffle or collective goal (charity)


You decide which comms channel will best engage employees. Slack; email; Teams; mobile, it's up to you


Select employee participants by geography, employee resource group, department or interests

Full ATS Integration

Why customers choose Real Links over everyone else

Average increase in hires in campaign areas, plus huge increase in content shares
By including Slack, Teams & email integrations and app notifications, this is the increase in employee engagement per campaign – employee user experience is key
Real Links customers achieve on average 86% employee engagement per campaign
Real Links customers reported they now get referral hires where and when they need them
Built for TAs
Real Links is built specifically to support TA’s objectives. Making referrals strategic is the goal – there’s a campaign for EVERYTHING. Making your life straightforward and your results? Unprecedented.
30 days
JoinTalent had great success with a hiring campaign that filled roles that had been open for 6 months, in under 30 days
Employee experience matters
Employees can undertake all tasks straight from email or Slack, without having to login to the platform – meaning great employee experience, and massive engagement
Referral hires at Volta Trucks increase 680% using the Real Links campaign methodlogy

One final thing... We can't stop getting nominated for awards. Sometimes we even win.


We were more reliant on agency recruitment than we’d like. We needed a platform to help us engage employees with referrals. Within the first 12 weeks of using Real Links, we’d already seen more referrals hires than the entirety of the previous year which is astronomical.

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