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audio and visual content to support you with employee referrals and internal mobility

podcast with recruiting daily and real links ceo sam davies

Real Links CEO Sam Davies joins Will Tincup to discuss how practitioners are best placed to make the business case for implementing Real Links into your business. 

the future of recruitment post Covid-19 with Paul maxin

Industry influencer and Real Links strategic adviser is interviewed by Sam Davies, Real Links CEO. Covering topics including recruitment beyond COVID-19, why referrals will be a key part of recovery and what Paul thinks recruitment and HR professionals need to prioritise for the rest of 2020.

hiring tech talent through referrals - a case study

A video case study and guide from Real Links client; gaming platform Product Madness.  In this video we hear from Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Product Madness Kathryn Hainsworth on how Real Links helped her transform employee referrals in their business in under 12 weeks. 

webinar - diversity and inclusion for employee referrals

Join Paul Maxin and Sam Davies as they discuss why legacy referral schemes don’t support D&I and how modern employee referral technology is actively supporting diversity and inclusion objectives.

webinar - internal mobility for the future of recruitment

Join Bill Boorman and Paul Maxin for this informal fireside chat on the subject of internal mobility. Learn why it’s so important for a modern recruitment strategy and how to get started. 

3 minute platform walk-through

If you’re not quite ready for a full demo, this platform walk-through will give you a brief introduction to what Real Links has to offer.

podcast - rec tech showdown
with UK recruiter

We joined Louise Triance of UK Recruiter to get under the skins of the Real Links platform, showcasing how it can help talent acquisition and recruitment professionals drive participation in their employee referral scheme.

Learn the most critical psychological principles affecting employee behaviour and how understanding these principles can significantly influence the success of your referral scheme. 

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