Helping Customers Succeed

Successful referrals and internal mobility are dependent on more than just great technology.

Talent Acquisition specialist

The Real Links customer success team is led by an ex TA who has a unique expertise in referrals and internal mobility combined with a deep understanding of the challenges you’re facing.

Strategic aims

We engage with all key stakeholders from the outset to build a clear vision for success in line with your current recruitment strategy, developing KPIs to help ensure you meet all strategic objectives.

Workforce education and enablement

Through focus groups; training and automated comms we work with the business to help them understand the strategic and tactical value of the platform, encouraging long term participation from employees and hiring managers.

Technical implementation

Our implementation team work closely with your IT team to set out the technical roadmap and activate ATS integrations; comms channel integrations; SSO; mobile app and whitelabelling of the platform.

From household names to niche players, we're trusted with talent.

The Real Links rollout process

Foundations for success

Starting our partnership off right by engaging with key stakeholders to evaluate your current culture, identify your strategic aims and share our experience around best practice.  This will result in a pre-launch, launch and post launch activity plan.


User adoption, education and enablement through training, sweep ups, cascading comms and platform interaction. This phase helps the business understand the strategic and tactical value of the platform at department and hiring manager level, helping ensure long term participation.


Referring back to our defined targets we’ll build a BAU support model as well as a plan for longer term expansion and growth.  Using employee and hiring manager feedback as well as analytics from the platform we’ll help you maintain momentum and drive long term value from Real Links technology.

Guide to internal marketing
for employee referrals

A step by step guide to building an internal marketing strategy to encourage long term employee participation and referrals success

Paul Maxin Presents...Internal Marketing

Why marketing your referral scheme internally is critical to success;


A structured framework to help you plan;


Example objectives and comms timeline for the first year.

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Hiring Great Tech Talent Fast

See how one tech business filled all their hard to fill tech roles with referrals;


Learn how referrals can work really well for specialist hiring;


Understand what motivates tech teams to engage with referrals.

The Psychology of Referrals

Learn the 3 psychological models that will influence success


Understand your employee’s behaviour and how to influence it;


Use this insight to generate long term participation with your referral scheme.

Rewarding Referrals

Based on research with over 100 businesses;


Learn how to increase employee participation with referrals;


Loads of new reward ideas you can implement into your business.